Why Did Sushant Singh Rajput Commit Suicide…Reason Behind His Death!

2020 is definitely not a good year for the Bollywood industry. Yesterday marked as another dark day for Bollywood as another very promising actor Sushant Singh Rajput has passed away.

People were still not over of Irfaan Khan, Rishi Kapoor and Wajid Khan’s dismiss and they face yet another huge loss.

The reports suggest that the 34-year-old young actor has hanged himself from the ceiling on Sunday morning and no suicide note was found around the suicide spot. People were really looking forward to knowing as to why the actor has taken such a hard step and gave up on his life.

Sushant’s maternal uncle has stated, “We don’t think he committed suicide, police must investigate the matter. There seems to be a conspiracy behind his death. He has been murdered.”

Yesterday, Sushant’s sister and manager both have confirmed that the actor was clinically diagnosed with depression around five to six months ago. They have also told the Mumbai police that Sushant Singh Rajput was battling depression and he had stopped taking his medicines a while ago.

The official police statement stated that the actor has spoken to his sister on the telephone around 9 am on Sunday, an hour later he had a glass and took his tablets. Later when the cook knocked the door several times around 11:30, the cook got no response and called two of the actor’s friends then they called the key maker who opened the door.

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