Tik Tok Stars React To Tik Tok Ban In India

It must be a very sad start of the day for the Tik Tok lovers, Tik Tok addicts and Tik Tok stars as the Indian government has officially banned Tik Tok and 50+ other Chinese apps in India because of the current stand-off along the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh with Chinese troops.

According to the reports, the Indian government has looked into the matter very keenly before taking such a huge decision to ban 59 applications. A top government official has statened, “These apps have been there for a long time, and there are some privacy and security issues with them including risks of data going out of the country.”

The entire social media is now talking about the TikTok ban and how the TikTok stars will now have nothing to defend their app as it has now come “for the love the country”.

Tik Tok star Jannat Zubair has reacted to the Tik Tok ban by saying, “As we all know the government has banned TikTok and other Chinese applications, I and my family totally support this ban and I will boycott it. I will be following all the guidelines and regulations coming from our government and every Indian should support this ban without any doubts. Nothing is more important than our Military our Citizens our Doctors our Government our Police officers and our country to me.”

Ashnoor Kaur, who is a very famous Tik Tok star, has stated, “I am very happy with the decision of the government of the digital strike that banned all Chinese apps. I am fully supporting it because these apps became an important part of our life, especially the life of the youth. It was a tool of entertainment tool for them. However, now that the distraction has been removed, we will be able to focus on productive things.”

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