Telangana Has The Highest Risk Of Community Transmission Of COVID-19

We are now halfway in 2020 and the risk of Coronavirus is still, only and only increasing. India is now marked as one of the worst-hit countries by Coronavirus. The country is trying its best to control the situation at any cost but is failing at its attempts and the numbers of cases are not coming down at all.

The recent reports from the higher officials state that there is a chance of community transmission in the country. The report shows that the State of Telangana has the highest risk of community transmission of COVID-19 in India.

The statistics on the Arogya Setu app stated that Telangana is amongst the top three states in India which are on the verge of community transmission. The statistics show Delhi on the top of the list with 143% of the risk for community transmission, and on the second spot is Telangana with 122% of the risk for community transmission.

On Monday, the government of Telangana denied this claim. The official statement from the state read, “The formula behind this infographic is the creation of a private person who is neither a doctor nor an expert. It is neither a scientific formula nor issued by the government.

The formula assumes that only 2,933 are quarantined in Telangana which is an absolute lie. The actual number of people in quarantine in the state will be several times that number. But the organization which created this infographic has conveniently ignored that fact.

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