Single Screen Theaters To Close Down Completely By Year-end

India is slowly unlocking everything after a three months lockdown, and the government is not considering opening theaters just yet. In fact, it now looks like it will be the last thing that the government is likely to do. Looking at the current situation of the theater business, there is a hint that Single Screen theaters are likely to shut down completely by the end of this year,= Trade Analyst, Akshaye Rathi has stated, “About 250 to 300 single screens may be wiped out.

There is no support from any quarter, be it from the film industry or the government. By October, the number of theatres downing its shutters may touch 1000-plus.

Akshaye Rathi has further stated that this problem will continue to plague the humble single screen even after they resume operations; he states that single screens with witness high footfalls only with big-ticket offerings hit the marquee. “The initial expenditure will be way higher than the revenue coming in.” he added.

Independent trade analyst, Sreedhar Pillai has state, “Single screens don’t have much of a chance anymore. Plus an increase in ticket prices to accommodate the same is forbidden by many state governments and anyway, if prices are raised, people will not come.”

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