Penguin Review – A loose Tale Of Old School Thriller With Pale Climax

After mahanati, every film fan is expecting something better and much better from keerthy suresh and after along wait she is here with penguin a suspense thriller.

apart from keerthy suresh, another interesting aspect is karthik subbaraj producing this movie and we would obviously expect some content especially when it is a movie dealing with psycho or thriller.

But what makes penguin a routine movie with that so-called ending which is just like the elachi in biryani which is already roasted up with unnecessary stuff.

director eshwar tries to begin the movie with nonlinear screenplay and then falls into the general format of cinema at a point which looks much better but there is nothing much you can expect because of the routine writing.

although it feels like keerthy has found the psycho, the director brings up the real person and a flashback narrative which is soo cringy and there was such recently in vishwak sen’s Hit.

it is keerthy suresh who needs to hold the movie throughout with her acting and being responsible by playing the role of mother and Sana’s music keeps the movie engaging for a while.

overall..penguin has not got that chills which you would have expected from the teaser and trailer but a one-time hard watch just to pass the time as of now.

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