Indian Government’s Plan On Imposing Lock down Again from 18 th June 2020

Unlike other countries, the Coronavirus cases in India are rising after it has unlocked. The country is now reporting around 10000 cases each day and the recovery rate is not showing any progress. Now India has become the 4 th worst-hit country by Coronavirus.

The situation can get even worse as the lockdown has been lifted and regular activity in the country has now started like normal. The government has recently announced that the PM will be having a virtual meeting with the CMs of the states on June 18 th to discuss the current situation.

As soon as this news has gone viral, some social media reports stated that the government is looking forward to implementing a total lockdown after the June 18 th meeting as the cases of Coronavirus is massively rising in the country.

But some time ago, the officials have confirmed that the government is not considering a total lockdown once again and the news that is circulating across social media is fake.

The PIB Fact Check has tweeted stating, “Claim: in a photo being circulated on social media, it is claimed that the complete lockdown can be implemented in the country again from June 15 th with the ban on the train and air travel by the Ministry of Home Affairs. #PIBFactCheck- this is #Fake. Beware of such misleading photos spreading fake news.”

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