Indian Film Festival in Melbourne to start from October 30th 2020

There is a huge uproar as the pandemic fails to be withdrawing its steps. Film shootings have been put on hold, award shows, fashion shows, promotional event etc all have thrown to the dust awaiting the withdrawal of this pandemic.

Despite this turmoil bigwigs of the entertainment industry are still planning for their yearly events. They hope the situations get better and they can get back to their normal routines of shooting and partying.

While several international film festivals have been cancelled the Indian film festival of Melbourne is set to start from the 30th of October.

The festival organizers assure that all the guidelines for the safety of each and every person involved will strictly be adhered to.
The festival director Mitu Bhowmick Lange states “This is a unique way for film lovers to stay engaged, entertained and educated while at home in these unprecedented times.

We have a strong line-up of filmmakers from various parts of India. The festival was originally scheduled for August. The dance competitions and masterclasses are set to take place but the award gala is postponed to 2021. As a new addition to the ritual, the festival organizers will be introducing the Film Club, where fans can enrol for a virtual master class with leading filmmakers.

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