How To Make Potato Stuffed Bread Rolls in 15 Minutes

Being home, I am sure that everyone is missing those delicious street snacks. Bread rolls are one of those snacks to which we never say no. the shape texture and taste of the yummy bread rolls might make us think it is quite difficult to make it exactly like those from the streets, but these bread rolls are very easy to make.

You can make it in just 15 minutes, and have them during teatime; midnight or anytime you have a snack craving. Here is the recipe to make Potato stuffed bread rolls in just 15 minutes.

 10 slices of bread
 3 medium-sized Potatoes
 ½ cup carrots and peas
 Chili powder
 Salt
 Garam masala
 Amchur powder
 ½ cup Milk

 Boil the potatoes, carrots and peas, and the same bowl.
 Once they are boiled, mix them well, and also add chili powder, salt, amchur powder,
garam masala and some lemon to it.
 Once the mixture is nicely made, keep it aside.
 In a flat bowl, add ½ cup of milk for dipping the bread.
 Now, take the bread, cut its edges and flattened them with a rolling pin
 Then, dip the bread in the milk to make it moist enough to get folded.
 Then add a little amount of the potato batter in the middle of the bread and close the
bread from all sides and press it well to ensure that there is no opening. And then keep
them aside for drying.
 Once they are dried, heat the frying pan and add a little about of cooking oil or butter to
it, then fry the bread rolls until they nicely turn brown and crispy.
 Your bread rolls are now ready; you can then serve them with green or red chutney to get
the same street like feeling.

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