How To Make Instant Crispy Jalebi At Home

Jalebi! The name of the sweet itself is mouthwatering. The crispy twisted round sweet is one of the most loved sweets in India. Jalebis can light up your mood no matter how flipped it is. it looks beautiful and tastes delicious. And the most exciting thing about Jalebis is that it is very easy to make. And while making it one does not have to worry about being perfect with shapes and the twisted and imperfect round is the specialty of Jalebis.

The simple and instant recipe for crispy Jalebi is down below.

 All-purpose flour
 2 cups curd
 ½ cup ghee
 3 cups of sugar
 ½ cup cornflour
 1 ½ cup cornflour
 1 ½ pinch baking soda
 3 cups of water
 2 cups oil
 ½ spoon food color
 ½ spoon powdered green cardamom

 Mix the all-purpose flour, cornflour and baking soda, food color, ghee and mix them well.
 To make it a thick, add some curd and water and mix it until it’s in a slightly thick consistency. And then keep the batter aside for a couple of hours.
 Now, to make the sugar syrup, heat water in a pan and add sugar to it and mix it until it is fully dissolved. Then add some saffron strands and cardamom powder and stir well.
 Now, make sure you take a flat pan to fry the Jalebis. In the pan, heat oil on a medium flame. Then fill the Jalebi batter in a muslin cloth and put small hole in the cloth. Then squeeze the cloth to make concentric circles. Make sure to fry the Jalebis until they are crispy and golden.
 Then, Soak the Jalebis in the sugar syrup for 2-3 minutes, and ensure that the sugar syrup It is warm and not very hot.
 And now your Jalebis are ready to serve!!

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