How To Frame Stress, Depression And Mental Health Issues In Words

Whenever someone says they are going to depression or stress, the most common reply they get is to either get or it or to “cheer up”. Very few people also suggest they talk about their situation to them but they fail to understand that it is very hard to frame mental health issues properly.

People dealing with stress depression and mental health issues should know that talking about their situation to others will give them a hope and a ray of light that there are people who are there to help them come out of there darkness. But the question that arises is, how do we frame these issues into words? Down below things one can talk with people to help themselves fight their mental health issues.

  • If you are afraid to talk about your situation face to face, write it down to the one who will listen to too. Or send them voice notes so you could share your expression.
  • Talk your yourself, look at the mirror and try to convince yourself that you will get through this very soon and the only way out is “Through”
  • Always remember that you are not alone and your friends and family will rather listen to your problems for hours than to attend your funeral.
  •  Know that if you manage to talk about to situation with someone, you will find ways to come out of your stress and depression as you will see the different point of views around your situation
  • And above all, keeping it inside will only make it grow even more if you let it out even little by little, you will soon be completely out of it.

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