Fuljar Soda The Special Drink From kerala

We scroll social media with various trending infos, it has no limit, unless we stop bothering about it.

The trending stuff is not limited to movies or political issues but food too.

We saw #PrayforNesamani #JCB as trending, now it has come to Fuljar soda, its origin is from Kerala.
It is said that because of the overflowing effect of the drink, it got the name as Fuljar soda

Here is the recipe, follow hygiene to have a healthy tasty drink

Ingredients (serve for two)
Ginger 30 GMs
Green chili – 4 (as spicy you want)
Soda- 200ml
Lemon juice -3 tbsp
Salt as required
Mint – 30gms
Chia seeds- soaked in water
Sugar as required

Preparation method (need 4 glass, two large size, and two shots glass)

Grind all the dry ingredients (Ginger, green chilli , Mint,salt & Sugar)

Fill mixture along with soaked chia seeds and lemon juice in shots glass, take a normal glass add soda to 3/4 level and drop the shot glass inside the normal glass and drink immediately to taste it at the best.

Try it and give a good sendoff to summer and welcome the monsoon!

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