Bollywood Celebrities Complaint About The High Electricity Bills They Received

Since the lockdown has been implemented, every aspect of life has been put to test. Be of a poor vendor or the big wigs of the entertainment industry, everyone tasting the bitterness of bills and all sorts of expenses. One such issue that has risen to the top is the electricity bills.

People are being handed over huge amounts of electricity bills. Bills that were close to 3000 to 4000 during January and February have been printed to 36000 to 50000 or even more than that. Actors like Taapsee paanu , Dino Moria and a few others have taken to the Internet to express their shock and disbelief.

Taapsee tweet states “3 months of lockdown and I wonder what appliance(s) I have newly used or bought in the apartment only last month to have such an insane rise in my electricity bill @Adani_Elec_Mum. What kind of POWER are you charging us for?” The actress posted pictures of the bills as well spoke about the bills generated for a house where no one stays.

She said And this one is for an apartment where no one stays and it only visited once in a week for cleaning purpose @Adani_Elec_Mum.” Other actors responded to her tweets and agreed with her by sharing their own experience and shocks. Actor Ali Fazal tweeted, oh smiles ka kuchh locha maalum hota hai. Smiles earn the power to burn. Actor Vir das, through his tweet, tried to confirm that the spur was real. He tweeted “Anyone else in Mumbai gets an electricity bill that is triple what they usually pay?”

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