Amir Khan’s Staff Members Tested Corona POSITIVE

Its Coronavirus yet again! This time it is a staff member of actor amir khan who has been tested positive for the virus. The actor has revealed that a few of his staff members have been tested positive when attended by the BMC. His mother’s reports are yet awaited as he prays for them to be negative.

The actor states “Some of my staff has tested positive. They were immediately quarantined, and BMC officials were very prompt and efficient in taking them to a medical facility. I would like to thank the BMC for taking such good care of them, and for fumigating and
sterilising the entire society.”Every member of the house has been tested and a few reports turned out to be negative.

The actor further stated “The rest of us have all been tested and found negative. Right now I am taking my mother to get her tested. She is the last person in the loop. Please pray that she is negative. I would, once again, like to thank the BMC for the prompt,professional and caring manner in which they helped us.”

After gaining knowledge about this, it has become for many that the virus doesn’t leave anyone, be it rich or poor, Mumbai or Hyderabad the virus is everywhere and is approachable to everyone.

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