Amazing Mango Desserts To Make In 10 Minutes

One thing everyone is eagerly waiting for during summers is Mangoes. The bright and beautiful fruit is everyone’s favorite and it the beauty of summers. As every household stocks up with kilos of Mangos every summer, it is quite obvious that they eat them in many different ways.

Combining mangoes with different things to make amazing desserts is a part of everyone’s summer. So here are the amazing Mango desserts that could be made in just 10 minutes and taste heavenly.

MANGO MOUSSE: for this, you will need to dice two fresh mangoes and put it into a blender and blend them fine. In another bowl, you have to whisk a full cup of whipping, once its whisked, you should add the blended mangoes and half cup of condensed milk in it and mix well. Once it’s chilled, it’s ready to serve!

MANGO COCONUT BARFI: in a nonstick pan, add one tsp of butter, and when it melts, add the coconut powder/grated coconut to it. After cooking for around 3 minutes, add one cup of milk to it, once it starts to dry up, add sugar and some crushed almonds. Once it is nicely dried up, add the Mango Pulp to it and simmer the flame. Once it dries, set it in a plate and garnish it with almonds.

MANGO ICE CREAM: In a cup, mix 2 tablespoons of cornflour and 100ml of milk. In a pan, add 500 ml of milk, 1/3 rd cup sugar and bring it to a boil. Then add the milk and cornflour paste to it mix it well until it’s a thick paste. Once it’s cool, put in into a blender, add diced mangoes to it and blend it well. Freeze it from 2 hours and blend it again. Then put it in an ice cream container and freeze it for 8 hours.

MANGO RABDI: put some chopped mangoes in the blender and blend it to form a pulp and take it out in a bowl. In the same blender, blends ½ liter milk and 1 teaspoon ghee. In another blender, blend 4 slices of bread until they turn into crumbs. Now take a pan, add some ghee to it and put out the bread crumbs. Fry it well and then add the milk from the blender. Then add some cardamom and saffron to it. And finally add the Mango Pulp. Cook it for some more minutes and then serve it chilled.

MANGO CUSTARD: in a pan, add two cups of milk and bring it to a boil. In a bowl, add some custard powder some teaspoons of cold milk and stir it well and then add it to the boiling milk. Keep stirring it until its smooth and then add 1/4 th cup sugar. Then, allow the custard to cool down and add mango pulp to it. Wolla!! Your mango custard it ready, you can then serve it chilled.

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