5 Ways To Make Birthdays Special During Quarantine

Well, it is too hard to say as to when our lives will get back to normal. A mask, sanitization and social distancing is the new normal. During this “New Normal” time, it gets hard for us to make birthdays special as we cannot celebrate it like we always do as during the pandemic, we got to have to be precautious.
But birthdays are too important, and if they are not made special, it really breaks our hearts. So here are some beautifully amazing ways to make birthdays special in quarantine and social distancing.

  • GO OLD-SCHOOL: handmade gifts are way too special, the efforts put in to make these special hand-made gifts speak a lot. These days, we buy anything from the store and give it as a gift. But people back in the day made gifts by their own hand. So this quarantine let us be old school and give handmade gifts. You can make a sweater, a handmade card, a scrapbook with all the memories, a photo album, or handmade jewelry.

  • CREATE A MOVIE: on their birthday, made a movie of all the good times you spent together, and to make it more special, you can write beautiful poetry and put it as a voice-over to the movie. This would make the best gift they got in years.

  • A BIG VIRTUAL CELEBRATION: gather all your friends on a group video call or you can ask all your friends to record a special birthday wish. You can then combine this video and send it to the birthday boy/girl. This will definitely make them feel like everyone is present on their birthday.

  •  CAR BIRTHDAY PARADE: you and arrange a car parade with all your friends outside the birthday boy/girl’s house, this would really make it the coolest birthday they have ever had.

  •  SEND A GIFT BOX: you can put all cute little stuff you want to gift in a box, add some dried rose petals and some cute notes and then send the gift box over to their house on their birthday.

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